• Selling Cross Culturally

    I was recently interviewed by Sales Training expert Scott Bell on how sales differs around the world.  See my answer in the video below.

  • Twenty Customers a Day

    One of the first sales book’s I ever read was Tom Hopkins “How to Master the Art of Selling”.  It was in this book that I first ran across the concept that being successful at selling only required one simple thing - “seeing 20 people ‘belly-to-belly’ every day.”   In other words, you needed to get [...]

  • The importance of relationships in selling

    I used to sell calibration equipment and was involved with a sale to Boeing.  Argubly, the company I represented had the technologically better solution, at least in my opinion. My competition, with older yet tried and proven equipment, was represented by a local manufacturer's rep.  I was working from my company's headquarters several States away. [...]

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